"Living and Sharing God's love and power in the Bega Valley."

Our Ministry Work

Pastoral Care

  1. On the first Thursday of each month, the frail and less mobile are given transport to St John's and there is a Communion Service, followed by a light lunch and fellowship in the Parish Hall.
  2. Food parcels are given to those in unexpected circumstances along with other forms of support via the Rector's Discretionary Fund for the needy.
  3. Visits and home Communion are offered when possible for those in Casuarina and Hillgrove House or those with difficulty in leaving their home.

Hospital Visiting

Weekly visits are made by lay-people trained for this ministry to those in hospital, in addition to clergy visits when time permits and as needed.


Friends at Court is in its 21st year of "being there" fortnightly for those called to attend Court, often with a long waiting period. Tea, coffee, magazines, child -minding etc. is provided to assist in relieving stress and tension.

Christian Education in Primary Schools

Anglican lay people form part of the team of Scripture teachers under the auspices of the Bega Ministers Fellowship, that are teaching a chosen syllabus. All Bega churches share the cost of this ministry to children.

School Breakfast, Bega Primary

Breakfast consisting of cereal, juice, toast etc. is served to children who require it, many of whom are bus travellers who leave home very early and must go immediately the bus is there. The breakfasts have dietician's approval. The program is run in conjunction with the school P & C.

Bemboka Ecumenical Prayers

Bemboka Ecumenical Prayers are held monthly, alternating between Christ Church and St Columba's, praying for the farming community, for rain and for peace in the world.

The Men's Breakfast

The Men's Breakfast is an ecumenical monthly Saturday "get-together" in the Parish Hall for a cooked breakfast and a guest speaker, introducing many and varied topics of interest. The group is open to any man and is currently also starting to support Tear Australia and its programs.

Anglican Women

Anglican Women meet monthly to plan activities for the parish, catering for events, making lamingtons as a fund-raiser to support the parish and to take on two overseas mission projects each year.

Cattle Committee

The Cattle Committee is comprised of local farmers willing to rear or donate an animal for sale to augment Parish funds, as well as "townies" forming syndicates to buy young animals to be agisted.

"Heartsong" Choir

"Heartsong" Choir, which was formed in 2000, is an ecumenical group under the direction of Geoffrey Badger, calling St John's "home", and committed to singing sacred music. Recital proceeds are divided between Church and Oxfam.

Clean Energy and Environment

The Clean Energy and Environment Group is a small group which has been inspecting the Parish's power usage, lightening our "carbon footprints" where possible, putting snippets of ideas in the pew-notice to assist parishioner's usage and, because of solar costs, proceeding slowly. They have overseen the fundraising for, and installation of solar panels on the roof of the church office.

Ministry to External University Students

For twenty years at least, St John's has offered a venue and supervision for External students sitting Exams well away from their campus - Southern Cross mainly, but also interstate campuses.

Honouring the Farming Community

The Farming Community is vital to the continuance of the town and the area. The Parish invites all to join in a yearly "Blessing of the Herd" in acknowledgement of our community's dependence and reliance on the farmers in this valley.

Other Yearly Communal Events

Other yearly communal events are participation in events such as Anzac Day, the old traditions of Pancake Day, the Debutante Ball encouraging our younger generation, the parish fete and input into "Carols by Candlelight". We also usually host the annual Police Remembrance Service.

Christian Meditation Groups

As part of the world wide Christian Meditation Community four groups within the parish meet weekly in three centres, joining with other South Coast groups whenever possible.

Kingdom Time

Kingdom Time is a time set aside fortnightly for "Prayers for the Parish, its needs and vision".

Overseas Missions

Are assisted by:

  1. the use of Mission boxes,
  2. the two projects chosen by Anglican Women,
  3. a link with the Anglican Church in Madagascar,
  4. the filling of Samaritan Purses' Christmas boxes,
  5. encouragement for the Bega Valley Advocates for Timor Leste.

Bible Studies/Lenten Studies

Weekly Bible Studies are held in the Rectory, widening understanding of the Scriptures and encompassing a faith for living in the here and now. The special studies for Lent each year are often of an ecumenical nature and Tathra, especially fosters ecumenical groups.

Son Seekers

Whilst parents are at Sunday Service at St John's, their children are enjoying the "Son Seekers" programme in the Parish Hall, coming into the church later to a warm greeting and interest in their morning activities, and then joining their parents at the Communion rail for their special blessing.


Anglicare is the social welfare organisation of the Anglican Church, now with a branch two doors down from St John's, which is administering funded programs.

The parish supports Anglicare through direct donations, the Winter Appeal and the selling of Christmas Cards. It also supports the work of Anglicare South East in Eden through the donation of clothes for the Op Shop and presents from the Giving Tree.


Wambiri is a camp site at Tathra on long-term lease to the Diocese, which is an admirable site for youth ministry, with a "live-in" situation for Church groups or school groups, in addition to a holiday caravan camp site available to clergy and people on holiday. The management of Wambiri has passed to Anglicare who have extensive plans for its future.

Sapphire Coast Anglican College

The Sapphire Coast Anglican College is part of the Parish Family, with links being forged between the two as often as suitable.

Main Services


Traditional Holy Communion Service

9:30 am Sunday 


Soul Time Modern Contemporary Family Service

11 am Sunday

incl. Soul Kidz Program in Soul

11 am Sunday



Holy Communion
7:45 am Sunday



Holy Communion
6pm - 1st Sunday of the month

Holy Communion
6pm - 3rd Sunday of the month

Upcoming Events