Marriage Enrichment

Discover our Marriage-Enrichment short course.


Our hope is that your marriage shall be enriched by participation in this course, we hope you will have fond memories which will be treasured for years to come. The whole emphasis throughout the course is on couples shaping their marriage and sowing into their relationship in a way that best suits them.

Each couple is unique, has different needs, issues, and circumstances. The course offers a variety of tools and ideas that are designed to be adopted into their unique relationship.

Over the five weeks the course shall cover the following topics:

  • Communication Techniques
  • How to affirm your partner with words of encouragement
  • Conflict resolution
  • The importance of quality time spent together
  • The importance of marriage time
  • Forgiveness—freedom and healing
  • The gift of giving
  • A Love challenge—Love Song
  • Forum for discussing issues such as: Finances, children, Parent-in-laws and Sex.
  • A Love Dare
  • The greater love in regards to acts of service
  • Memory Lane
  • Building a Legacy
  • The desire for physical touch
  • Writing a love letter or renewing your vowels.

Course cost: $160.00 includes booklets and resources

For more information or to book in for the course please contact us.

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